Valeria Rocchiccioli

My work echoes nature through strategies of multiplicity and representation. Pieces made with synthetic materials grow in my studio like weeds grow in backyards. There is no rule for growth. The size is determined by variable factors including the walls of the room, the quantity of material I can gather and the physical limitations of the material.
I use what is around me. There is no need for rare or expensive materials. I incorporate what I find among my environment and use it the most extreme way I can possibly imagine. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and bottle caps become floating debris clouds or interlocked explosions. The repetition of the material highlights its materiality and beauty. Like in nature, one leaf doesn’t tell a story but a canopy does.
Once I find the way of transforming the material, I have to repeat the process countless times, creating a singularity out of the multiplicity. I weave with bottles and caps as my grandmother used to weave wool or as a spider weaves its web. It is when my hands are busy that my mind is free and the material speaks.